What is this smell? Cranberries, apples, sage…? Thanksgiving

Miroslava Čechová Novinky, Školní blog

As you probably know, Christmas is right around the corner, the time where everybody should be nice and enjoy the festive atmosphere with their loved ones, this is all very nice, but did you know what happened on the 26th of November? Try to guess, I will give you some hints, try to imagine this situation, you come from work to your house and you start to smell this peculiar scent in front of your door, the smell of freshly baked pie, brussel sprouts and sage. As you have probably guessed, it’s the day of Thanksgiving.

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving, and where did it come from? Well, the story goes like this: When Pilgrim Fathers settled in America in 1620, they suffered a lot of casualties because of the harsh winter. But the next year, Native Americans taught them how to plant corn and other crops, so in the autumn of 1621 they celebrated Thanksgiving Day for the first time with local Indians.

Nowadays, on Thanksgiving Day, Americans eat roasted turkeys, bake pumpkin pies, make cranberry jello and many more. They wish each other “Happy Turkey Day”. This is the day of gifts, charity and food for poor people.

Sadly, this year was a little different, you were still able to eat with your family and loved ones, but parades were restricted due to coronavirus. Usually the parade in Manhattan is filled with people, but not this year, who knows maybe next time, we will have more luck, and we will be able to see the whole thing in its full glory.

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